What better person to get wedding planning tips from than someone who’s recently just been married?

Remember Mac and Chai? Our featured couple with the adorable little doggie and their just-as-adorable pre-nup photoshoot we wrote about several weeks ago?  Well, they recently just tied the knot, and we managed to catch up with them and asked them if they had any advice to share with other soon-to-weds planning their big day.

Mac and Chai visited the Before I Do bridal fair last April 2017. “There are lots to see (at) the fair,” referring to the Before I Do bridal fair they attended. “From the souvenirs, invitations, gowns, photo and video teams, makeup artists, live bands– the event (has) it all,” commented the couple, who booked Key Connections Events Management that particular visit.

“After months of planning we decided it’s already time to find a wedding coordinator that will help and guide (us) all throughout the wedding,” they added.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

First things first: going to a fair can be pretty overwhelming. Lots of suppliers will hand you their business cards and flyers. Only look for what you need and after that you can check other suppliers after you’re done with the priority list.

Try Several Visits

Schedule your fair visits. You can check photo & video team on this fair and invitations on the next fair, with this strategy you’ll get to know more about their services and prices.

Take Note of Everything!

Planning a wedding, more so, preparing for it can really take a toll on both the bride and the groom especially when time and expenses are not considered and managed accordingly. As for me, expenditures, schedules, and timetables should be organized in order to keep track of the progress, and learn how to identify and set priorities.

Keep Canvassing

Most of all, do not forget to canvass, canvass some more, and lastly, still canvass until possible sources have been exhausted. Regardless of hiring a wedding coordinator/planner, one should have a personal idea of the best and alternative services and rates in order to weigh your options.

Invest in Good Photo and Video

I strongly suggest investing on a reliable and experienced photo video team to document the most special moments of the wedding. For a start, it would be best to attend bridal fairs to gather concepts and establish connections with proficient service providers. Aside from the discounts and special rates during bridal fairs, one can get a snapshot of the latest trends in wedding essentials and bridal fashion and compare ongoing rates of services.

Find a Good Caterer

Also, make a shortlist of peso-worth caterers to serve food and drinks that will satisfy the cravings of you, your family, and your guests. Good service and good food will make up for the effort and time your guests have spared to witness your special day.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize!

For brides-to-be, never ever forget to take good care of your skin! The stress of the whole ordeal from the planning, preparation, and the event itself will manifest knowingly or unknowingly, and I bet brides do not want to look the worst on their wedding day. Do not forego visits to the derma and at least have your skin cleansed twice a month. You do not want big zits popping on your face days before your wedding, right?

Take It Easy

Lastly, loosen up and take time to relax despite the pressure and anxiety. Bear in mind that this is also a validation of the bride’s commitment to the groom as you get to know him more during the journey.

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