You’re done with your DIY souvenirs, fitted your wedding gown, had your trial makeup, paid your church and hotel, bought the wedding rings when all of a sudden, Covid19 arrived. The government ordered a total lockdown of Metro Manila when you are just months, if not weeks, away from walking down the aisle to say “I do”. Do you move your wedding or cancel it altogether? This question has bothered hundreds, if not thousands, of couples in this time of uncertainty.
What will happen with your deposits? Will you get a refund? Can you move your wedding date without penalties? These are some of the concerns that were needed to be addressed for everyone to move forward. Ms. Lia of Weddings and Celebrations wrote a letter to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to ask for help/clarification on how event companies can handle this situation and DTI responded with a broad answer. Check the reply of DTI below.

Ms. Liz Rañola, of Liz Rañola Photography, initiated The Bigger Picture and took it a step further. She invited some of our friends in the industry and a lawyer to discuss and explain what this really means.
So far, this is the only webinar that we know of that has explained the rights/privileges of the client and limitations of the contract between the supplier and client. Please find time to watch to find some clarification on your concerns during this time of Covid-19. It might be long but it is worth it.

The Bigger Picture: Of Rebookings, Cancellations and Contracts


This is “The Bigger Picture”, where we talk about topics related to events like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, corporate, and other life events. This LIVE aims to help clients understand more about the events they’ll be or they are preparing by giving tips and sharing stories that usually concern clients and suppliers especially in time of COVID. With guests coming from the events industry, it also aims to uplift fellow events suppliers. 🙂

Posted by Liz Rañola Photography on Friday, 24 April 2020

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