Event Tips

Last Minute Christmas Party Checklist

Just a couple of days away and your office Christmas party is just around the corner. Do you have everything covered? Don’t worry. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and check this task list and see if you have everything in order. If you want to sit back and enjoy,...

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Tips on How to Plan a Christmas Party

Traffic these days can be draining and with so many things to do, you hardly have time for yourself, much more to organize a Christmas party for your family and friends. Don’t worry. You’re not alone and we hear you. We’d like to help you have a...

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Why Is a Wedding Budget Important?

Your upcoming wedding is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. In all likelihood, you’ve been preparing for this day for a long time now.  Weddings are fun, pretty, and an opportunity to make your dreams come true. And this is where the wedding budget comes in: it...

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6 Tips For Tagaytay Soon-To-Weds (From Edrie and Jen)

If it’s one thing we learned from our interactions with hundreds of soon-to-wed couples at the Before I Do Bridal Fair series, it’s that we’d all love to hear what newlyweds have to say about their own journey to the altar and wedding reception....

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Plan Ahead and Win!

Janine Silerio, one of our guests at the Before I Do Bridal Fair, had the good fortune of winning for herself a grand kitchen showcase at the fair last April 2018. Janine advises her fellow soon-to-weds: “It is best to visit every booth (at) the fair before...

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Tips on Making the Most of Your Visit to Before I Do

Wedding planning has indeed gone full throttle in 2018. Case in point: there’s a bridal fair almost every week, and it’s a simple matter for any soon-to-wed couple to just pop right in and shop for wedding vendors. Even with the prevalence of wedding...

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