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Tips on Making the Most of Your Visit to Before I Do

Wedding planning has indeed gone full throttle in 2018. Case in point: there’s a bridal fair almost every week, and it’s a simple matter for any soon-to-wed couple to just pop right in and shop for wedding vendors. Even with the prevalence of wedding...

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8 Wedding Planning Tips From a Newlywed Couple

What better person to get wedding planning tips from than someone who’s recently just been married? Remember Mac and Chai? Our featured couple with the adorable little doggie and their just-as-adorable pre-nup photoshoot we wrote about several weeks ago?  Well,...

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Mac, Chai, and their Beloved Furbaby, King

One of our Before I Do couples included their favorite pet dog in their pre-nup photoshoot, and we have to admit, it’s one the cutest things we’ve ever seen. Before I Do couple Mac and Chai had their pre-nup shoot at Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp (in...

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Before I Do Couple: The Wedding of Jake and Wendz

We met last August 2011 at the birthday celebration of the sister of my close friend Jarha Serafin. We met through Andrea Tiglao who before was the girlfriend and now the wife of Paolo Tiglao. Paolo who is a close friend of my husband and Andrea was the sister of...

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Before I Do Couple: Ferdinand and Linrose

The year was 2010 when Ferdinand and Linrose met at Rockwell. Ferdinand was depositing their daily sales and Linrose was the teller who processed his deposit and as they would say, the rest was history. Years went by and they were supposed to break up and end...

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Trade Show Etiquette for Attendees

image from Google Images When attending a trade fair as a guest or visitor there are some unspoken do’s and don’ts that you need to know. Attendee to Supplier When establishing a rapport with the supplier practice the 3 G’s – grip, grin, greet....

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What is a Bridal Fair?

What is a Bridal Fair?A bridal fair is a convention of suppliers in the wedding industry to highlight their services offered. It is also a way to get to know the supplier more and get to interact with them. This event helps the soon-to-be married couple in choosing...

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Before I Do Couple: Francis and Kat

Francis and Kat had a no fuss wedding. Everything was simple, relaxed, environment friendly and everyone had fun! I actually considered it as a GREEN WEDDING – earth friendly and low cost. How were they able to pull it off? Let’s go over some of the things...

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The Bridal Fair Experience

The story remains the same… When the initial shock wears off and you force yourself to look at other things (other than that beautiful diamond engagement ring on your finger), many decisions will need to be made and you start to panic. Suddenly, questions such as:...

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