Event Tips

What is a Bridal Fair?

What is a Bridal Fair?A bridal fair is a convention of suppliers in the wedding industry to highlight their services offered. It is also a way to get to know the supplier more and get to interact with them. This event helps the soon-to-be married couple in choosing...

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Before I Do Couple: Francis and Kat

Francis and Kat had a no fuss wedding. Everything was simple, relaxed, environment friendly and everyone had fun! I actually considered it as a GREEN WEDDING – earth friendly and low cost. How were they able to pull it off? Let’s go over some of the things...

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The Bridal Fair Experience

The story remains the same… When the initial shock wears off and you force yourself to look at other things (other than that beautiful diamond engagement ring on your finger), many decisions will need to be made and you start to panic. Suddenly, questions such as:...

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Foot Washing Ceremony

Have you heard of Foot Washing Ceremony? I just learned about it when I saw the wedding photos of RJ and Pat. A good alternative to a Unity Candle Ceremony specially if your wedding takes place at a garden or the beach. This is a physical expression of a commitment to...

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Wedding Budget

I have been asked countless times “How much does it take to get married?” and I normally throw back a question straight and direct to the point… “It depends on how much you want to pay for it?”. Yes, it all depends on how much you want to...

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Before I Do Couple: Christian and Michelle

  Christian and Michelle’s wedding made me realize that anything is possible. By just listening to their onsite video you know that they went through a lot and the love is there to stay. “There’s one thing, the only thing I want you to remember,...

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It’s Time to Plan Your Wedding!

It’s time to plan your dream wedding and what better way to start your wedding plans by attending Before I Do Bridal Fair on August 11 and 12! If it’s your first time to attend a Bridal Fair be prepared to be overwhelmed with the bustling crowd and the many...

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