Shabby Chic Style Studio

Shabby Chic Style Studio

Address: #37, 3rd Floor, DLC Building, Dona Victoria st., Brgy., Tinajeros, Malabon
Landline Number: 02 2160795
Email Address: patriciadlc018@yahoo.com
Website: The Wandering CEO
Facebook: Shabby Chic Style Studio
Instagram: Shabby Chic Style Studio

Who are we?

Shabby Chic Style Studio was originated as a Bridal Boutique with Hair and Makeup Studio. We are a group of young Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, and Architects which happen to have a hobby and love for fashion, photography, and events with entrepreneurial skills.
Why choose us?
At Shabby Chic Style Studio, we value QUALITY and ELEGANCE within reach. As Architects and Interior Designers, we are very up to date with the latest trends which we incorporate in event styling and fashion designing. We execute and design what our clients have in mind using the same process in designing houses and interiors-by assessing our client’s taste first then we will give pegs and mood boards combining all the bests and suitable suppliers for the theme that our client want. We make every event possible and we make it unique, new, and extraordinary!
Unlike other wedding planners nowadays, at Shabby Chic, we do business seriously. We have a showroom/style studio/office in which you could visit. We are registered as professionals who cater services and we could provide and issue our clients a BIR registered OR(Official Receipt).
Shabby Chic Style Studio is one of the DLC Enterprise’s Umbrella/Group of companies- And DLC Enterprise have Travel and Health and Beauty chains. Therefore, expect a lot of freebies, Gift Cards and discounts from other DLC Enterprise’s brands! DLC Enterprise has a very large network in different industries around the world and we have access to pull out items that are not existing here in the Philippines.
You can never be wrong in hiring us! We will make your event one of a kind and celebrity-like!

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November 15, 2018

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