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By Visitors

Why should I attend the bridal fair?
Bridal fairs offer an efficient way to review what’s in the marketplace. You can shop around for wedding-related services and compare quality and price before making your final decisions. You’ll be able to actually talk to wedding suppliers and ask them questions. You’ll find out much more by chatting with experts in person than by calling faceless people from the Yellow Pages or the internet.
Where is the bridal fair taking place?

It will be indoors and fully air conditioned for your comfort. Before I Do Bridal Fair Series runs four times a year at one of the Megatrade Halls of SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

When is the bridal fair?
Before I Do Bridal fair open its doors to soon-to-wed couples and guests for 2 or 3 days. The 1st exciting day normally starts on a Friday or Saturday and ends on SundayClick here to check the dates.
What time can we come and visit the bridal fair?

We will open the doors daily at 10am and close at 8pm or 9pm (depending on foot traffic).

Is there an entrance fee?
Register online to avoid the long line. If not, be prepared to register at the door. Be patient! This is well worth it. There is a minimal entrance fee for unregistered or walk-in visitors. Don’t forget to bring your event ticket if you registered online.
Is there a dress code?
It is basically a come as you are event but our venue does not allow shorts, sando and slippers.

By Exhibitors

Why join Before I Do - Wedding and Debut Fair?

Joining a bridal fair is your opportunity to capture and share your products and services to your target market face to face.

We at Before I Do aim to provide a friendly and professional service with a strong marketing support in order to attract visitors to our events. Before I Do – Wedding and Debut Fair is advertised Facebook, Instagram, wedding related websites, lamppost banners, jeepney top ads, flyer, poster and email campaigns.


Why not organize bridal fairs outside SM Megamall?
SM Megamall is strategically located at the heart of Ortigas Business Center, Megatrade is easily accessible from all points of the metropolis and we believe it is the best venue for our event. Its unique advantage of conveniently situated inside SM Megamall guarantees maximum exposure and ensures a broad captive market (with guests coming from Ortigas, Greenhills, San Juan, Mandaluyong and Makati area).  
What are the basic requirements when joining?

Privilege Store Owners (Exhibitors who are NOT BIR registered) requirements:

  1. Owner’s personal TIN
  2. Owner’s ID with photo (1st time exhibitors only)
  3. Office location map (1st time exhibitors only)
  4. Accomplished Information Statement on Privilege Store Activities Form
  5. Payment of reservation fee
  6. Payment for temporary Mayor’s Permit and Barangay Clearance
BIR registered Exhibitors requirements:
  1. Copy of BIR Certificate of Registration (1st page)
  2. Copy of Official Receipt
  3. Copy of DTI or SEC registration (1st page)
  4. Owner’s ID with photo (1st time exhibitors only)
  5. Office location map (1st time exhibitors only)
  6. Payment of reservation fee
  7. Payment for temporary Mayor’s Permit and Barangay Clearance
Will there be any storage area/space available for Exhibitors' use during the 2 or 3-day event?

Much as we want to provide extra space for Exhibitors, our exhibit space is limited to the booth spaces and walk areas for guests and visitors. All items must be confined to the booth spaces provided.


How many event IDs shall be provided for the exhibitors?

There would be 2 to 3 pcs. of Event IDs provided for Exhibitors. There would be a charge of Php50 for additional IDs. The IDs will be distributed during ingress.

How about foot traffic?

Foot traffic or the number of guests varies but normally we generate 3,000 to 5,000 guests. Our exhibitors can attest that they get bookings during and even after the event. Meaning, we get quality visitors and not just people who walk around to browse what the exhibitors have to offer. If you are looking for an expo with a large foot traffic where you just give out flyers as people pass you by, Before I Do – Wedding and Debut Fair is not for you. Before I Do is the longest running intimate bridal and debut fair at SM Megamall, expect to find a relaxed atmosphere where you can interact with your clients and address their concerns right there and then.

Majority of our guests are local residents and a good number guests are balikbayans visiting to book suppliers for their wedding here in the Philippines. Around 80% are single/engaged couples and 20% are married (civilly married canvassing for their wedding anniversary or parents of debutants).

Do you provide a database of visitors to your Exhibitors?

We do not give out any database to exhibitors due to privacy concerns. If you have any announcements (about your company – promo, discounts, food tasting) just inform us and we will announce it for you via our social media accounts.

For electrical outlets, up to how many watts is allotted per Exhibitor?

Exhibitors are provided with a 2-gang convenience outlet. If your equipment consumes more than 500watts, you have to inform our contractor 2 weeks before ingress so that arrangements / provisions for it can be made.

When and where will the Event Briefing be?
Come and meet new suppliers and mingle with old friends during the event briefing (scheduled normally 1 month before the actual event) at the Conference Room A of Megatrade Hall at 4:00pm. We will be distributing important documents, posters and complimentary tickets during the briefing so don’t miss it!

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